Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hanging out, downtown with my friends

Well, technically they call it teaching, but yesterday I got to hang out with my young friends at Millrose. Do you get sick of me telling you how much fun these kids classes are? Or how awesome the kids are?

I stupidly didn't get photos of everyone, but I'm telling you the fur was flying yesterday as we sewed up Baxter the hedgehog. I am sure you can imagine just how much mess we made with seven people chopping up fur, I am sure they are still vacumming it up at the shop.

My next class is going to be the Foxes at Patch 'n' Quilt is Gisborne. This is my second class with these foxy guys so I am like a total expert now ! If you would like to join us in the new store on April 26th call Mary on (03 ) 54 207333. Hanging out with Mary is always a blast- she is like a jet propelled craft machine and she makes me laugh so hard the tears threaten to run down my legs.

After that I'll be packing the sewing machine away and doing a handsewing class here in Ballarat ( can you hear the serenity) at the newly opened Cotton Factory.

These little folk ( and there is a new one in my hands as we speak) are suitable for any level of sewing skill. We only need two stitches to make them and you can choose any of them to work on. ( and maybe the new one if I pull my finger out).

If you would like to come along ( Friday May 9th) you can book online here. While you are there, you can check out the other classes as well, including a class with the extremely spunky Nicole Mallalieu of You Sew Girl.

Of course, there will be a whole lot of real life and real job in betwixt all that crafty goodness but for now there is still holiday time and that means I need to get moving and crown the one dozen polar bears that are sitting on the kitchen bench.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It sometimes happens, that the things that are meant to be first come second,
while the things that are third, came first. 
So the things that are second will have to be third

and the things that are fourth are yet to be sewn.

(and the 2 has nothing to do with it).

It is grey and raining here today and if tea were alcohol I'd be dancing with my knickers on my head by now.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Playing by the rules

 Do you set yourself rules ? guidelines? parameters? Do you give yourselves little rewards when you have finished something? I do it all the time, then I change the rules, move the goalposts and dement myself .

 The rule for the weekend is to finish off some things, and I mean completely finished. No leaving the hand sewing for another day. 
As a result, yesterday I wound 11 little pom poms and sewed them to eleven little hats

I stuffed , closed, added ears and tails and nostrils

to eleven hat-wearing hippos.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am on holidays ( term break) as of this afternoon

I am eating peanut butter toast for dinner
And I have a pile of things to stuff.
(No complaints)

Sunday, March 23, 2014


 Baxter circa 2011

I am teaching a kids class in Ballan on April 9th so I thought I'd rustle up a new version of Baxter the Hedgehog. I was hoping for some fur in the rainbow sparkle family and was surprised that my local superstore didn't have anything quite tacky enough. So Baxter went all winter-white instead.
Baxter circa 2014

I have bucket loads of teaching coming up, both locally and not-locally. If you want to join in, you can check out my classes page. I am going to teach in Ballan, Gisborne, Tasmania, Warracknabeal, Sydney, Melbourne, back to Warracknabeal (and how does New Zealand sound?)
I had to get a yearly planner to keep track of myself, but now I have to remember to coordinate it with the diary in my hand bag and the calendar inside the pantry.
(this from a woman who can't remember where she parked the car when she leaves the supermarket)

 and Finn, who has no calendar and no diary and no idea of today , tomorrow or handbags says Hi.
(Arse-sniffing notwithstanding- the whole dog thing sometimes appears to have a lot going for it).

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fun by any other name

I taught a foxy class in Ballan at Millrose Cottage yesterday and had an absolute blast.
Even though it was a class for grownups, there was some very childish behaviour and a little bit of inappropriate discussion ( just how I like it).

Some topics of conversation were so enthralling (tattoo nightmares anyone?) that it took me four attempts to mend poor Ruben the Donkey.

In my down time I've have been amassing the army.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Totes mammoth

The weeekend is all but gone.

I did some stuff and slacked off on the boring houseworky bits. I bought a ribbon holder thingo and loaded it with my fancy edged bias bindings.

I sent the newsletter and made a little sale in the shop. The code you need is LOVESOMEBUNNY to get 20% off all the patterns in the shop including the little bunnies. (Until the 20th)


And I made a mammoth mammoth ( well he is only 4 1/2 inches high) but he feels like a mighty mammoth on the inside.