Sunday, August 10, 2014


 green turtle,
 two green turtles, 
 three green turtles
 Five green turtles,
 six green turtles
 seven green turtles
more !

T is for Turtle is ready at last. he is in the shop and there is a 20 % discount for the weekend if you use the code FELTY.

I have been blanket stitchin' in me sleep.


  1. So - how many all-singing all-dancing green turtles appeared in your dreams last night, Jodie? They're gorgeous!

  2. aw, did you run out of fingers Mr Turtle?

    they are fab Jodie, you do beautiful work.

    just keep them away from radioactive sludge.

  3. Ten green turtles sitting on a wall (fence) and if one green turtle should accidentally fall....

  4. I had a little turtle
    his name was Tiny Tim
    I put him in the bathtub
    to see if he could swim

    He drank up all the water
    he ate up all the soap
    and now he's sick in bed
    with bubbles in his throat.

    Odd things stick in my head -- adorable turtles bring back memories.

  5. Blanket stitching at turtle pace


Hellloooooo !!!!